North Carolina toddler left on daycare bus

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Friday, November 30, 2018

CNN -- An investigation is underway after a three-year-old child was left alone on a daycare bus. This is the second time this has happened this month in the east.

Earlier this month, a bus driver left a four-year-old on the bus alone at Windsor Elementary.

The Carteret County Sheriff Office is investigating the latest incident yesterday at the Newport child development center. The three-year-old's mother, Brandy Pierce says her son was left on the daycare bus alone in the center's parking lot yesterday morning during freezing temperatures strapped into his seat for 45 minutes to an hour.

Pierce says, a person passing by the bus noticed the three-year-old inside and alerted the school. The mother told WITN, she couldn't understand how this could happen. She said her son's twin sister is in the same class and was sitting next to him on the bus and that she was unstrapped and taken inside.

"When I asked them this morning when I went up there what was his condition when you got him off the bus? Was he cold," said Pierce.

“They said that he was still in the bus,” said Pierce. “An hour later? There's no way.”

“You know, children freeze to death in vehicles,” said Pierce. “If it had been summertime, I would have been planning my son's funeral today."

Pierce said she has also contacted the state daycare licensing board to report the incident.