North Carolina teacher allegedly tells kids MLK committed suicide, calls out student's clothing

Published: Feb. 13, 2019 at 10:37 AM EST
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Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019

(CNN) – A substitute music teacher at a school in Wake County, North Carolina, allegedly told a 10-year-old student his clothing looked like prison attire, and that the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a “complete fabrication”.

"This is just flabbergasting. She said Dr. King committed suicide. What book is she reading? And obviously it's not the right one," said concerned father Billy Byrd.

As a Rand Road Elementary School parent, Byrd says those comments and more came from his 10-year-old son's substitute music teacher Friday during class.

Rand posting to Facebook his disappointment with what his son Nathan, and others had to endure. The sub singled out Nathan for his athletic clothes, saying they were marked for prison.

"I think it was racially-motivated from this individual. For her to say that him having athletic wear or attire on was going to put him in a position to go to prison, that really bothered me the most."

According to Byrd, the teacher didn't stop there. Nathan tells his dad the sub then started sharing her views on religion and President Donald Trump.

"This lady said if you don't believe in Donald Trump that you're not a Christian. I want to see her removed from every school system in the entire country. Not just Wake County."

One parent even chimed in on Twitter saying his daughter was "enraged" the sub's comments.

"[My son] liked the fact that me and my wife, we stood up for him,” Byrd teared up.

The substitute teacher declined comment. If given the chance to speak with the teacher, Byrd has something he’d like to say.

"I forgive you. I don't have no hatred towards you. However, I do feel that you should not have the ability to teach any children until you get the necessary help that you need going forward."

The Wake County School District was investigating the allegations before the teacher turned in her resignation.