No criminal charges against University Hospital in case of woman's miscarried fetus found at wastewater plant

Thursday, March 14, 2019
News 12 at 6 O'Clock

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- No criminal charges will be filed against University Hospital or any of its staff after a woman says her miscarried fetus was flushed down the toilet.

The fetus was eventually located at the Augusta Wastewater Treatment Plant where workers found it.

Allen Saxon with Augusta Utilities said it’s rare to find a fetus because they can move through the system without anyone knowing.

But the system stopped working this time.

“In this case, we ended up having to do maintenance on the grinder/compactor and that’s when we discovered it,” Saxon said.

The mother of the fetus is now suing University Hospital for $2 million, saying she miscarried at the hospital and doctors and staff flushed it down the toilet without her consent.

“It’s just probably the most horrific set of circumstances and events and careless behavior that I’ve seen in many, many years,” attorney Harry Revell said.

Revell said it’s actually against the law and hospital policy to flush the fetus.

“When you hear this story, everybody says, 'What happened?'” Revell said. “It's so unbelievable, and it’s so unfathomable there's no other cases to look to to see what happened in other instances.”

Saxon said finding the fetus was even a freak occurrence. As far as he knows, only one other fetus has been found.

“I remember seeing a photo and this was back in the 70’s, and it happened before that because I saw the photo of it in the 70’s where a fetus was found and, like I said, that was a number of years ago,” Saxon said.

Now, the matter is heading to court.