New school bus law goes into effect Monday in Ga

Published: Feb. 18, 2019 at 8:39 AM EST
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Drivers in Georgia have a new law to keep in mind during the commute starting Monday, Feb. 18.

Now, there are stricter requirements about stopping for school buses.

Governor Brian Kemp just signed the law on Friday, and it’s already in effect.

Lawmakers say poor wording in last year's school bus law actually made it legal for drivers to pass stopped school buses if they had a painted turn lane between them and the bus.

So, even if students were walking on or off the bus, drivers who had a turn lane between them and the bus could continue drive and technically not break the law. But that all changed on Friday when Governor Kemp signed the bill into law which says drivers can only pass a stopped school bus if there is a physical median between them and the bus.

“Republicans and Democrats all recognized that swift action was needed on this issue. When it came to ensuring the safety of our families and our children, I am proud to say that we all stood together,” said Governor Kemp after signing the bill. “I hope S.B. 25 serves as a model as we move through this legislative session, and in the coming years, of what Republicans and Democrats can accomplish together to keep Georgians safe.”

Bipartisanship seems to be a theme during this year’s legislative session. Both parties are working together on legislation to protect Georgia’s Coast as well.

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