New Safehomes location open for domestic violence victims

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) It's a safe haven for domestic violence victims and now Safehome of Augusta has a new building.

Aimee Hall, the executive director of Safehome, has always wanted to serve,

"Way back when and even growing up as a little girl I've always just had a servant hear. I've always wanted to be the helped in the class," Hall said.

For nearly eleven years, she's worked hard to help victims of domestic violence, but it's not always easy, especially, if there's not enough room. One year, Safehome had to turn away 329 victims due to lack of space. Now, Safehome has a new location that's triple the size. Beyond the stacks of boxes from the new move, lies a haven, not just for the victims, but also for their children.

"I believe last year it was 353 children that we provided services," Hall said.

Those services help children directly affected by domestic abuse and the ones exposed to it. A recent GBI study fins that in the state of Georgia alone, 62,000 children were present at the scene of family violence between 2010 and 2014.

"A lot of times they are exposed to it. They see the physical abuse," Hall said.

More space and a new location means more services for victims. Some of these areas include a teen room, an expanded children's play room and counseling services for children. The services also teach kids what a healthy home looks like.

"We teach them that hands aren't for hitting. We teach them about bullying," Hall said

This place, Hall says is really more than just a building. It's an escape. It's a way out to a place that starts to feel like home.