New Maternal Fetal Medicine Center specializes in high-risk pregnancies

Monday, August 5, 2019
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Doctor's Hospital's new Maternal Fetal Medicine Center specializes in treating high-risk pregnancies. (Source: WRDW/WAGT)

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- One in 10 women have high-risk pregnancies. From 2000-2014, maternal mortality rates have increased 27%.

Thankfully, a new clinic at Doctor's Hospital specifically focused on treating high-risk pregnancies opened its doors Monday. It's called the Maternal Fetal Medicine Center, and they offer several services for both mothers and babies.

Dr. Richard Adams is one of the new physicians at the new center. He says any pregnancy can be high risk, but there are certain factors common in the CSRA that can increase a mother's chances.

Some of those factors are diabetes, high blood pressure, age, and having multiples.

"What I've seen in this area, I've just seen a lot of poverty. And with poverty comes poorer health," said Women's Services Director Donna Riordan.

Patients get referred to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Center by their general OB's.

The center is equipped with a high-level sonogram machine. An Ultrasonographer who specializes in high-risk pregnancies promises to give ultrasound results within 24 hours.

"When you're looking at a pregnancy in the early stages where there may be a problem or issue that needs to be treated, every day is important," said Riordan.

The clinic also offers counseling services, genetic testing, and nonstress tests.

"There are other maternal fetal medicine specialties in the CSRA. What makes this different is that we have a physician on site that's dedicated to this clinic four days a week," said Riordan.

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