Nearly three decades later Millbrook Twins still missing, family still searching

March 18, 2018
(News 12 at 11)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT)-- Today marks 28 years since the Millbrook twins went missing at 15 years old, from their neighborhood. A community stood in solidarity with signs on the road and fliers in their hands to let people know, the search is far from over.

"My biggest fear is that we might not find them alive, it's been so long. But, I'm hoping and praying that we do."

For nearly three decades Mary Sturgis has been waiting for her twin girls to come home. She's been waiting each year, praying that they'll be the next family reunited. She's heard stories of girls who've gone missing for years, and then one day-- they find their way home.She says, the lost always get found.

"They matter to us we love them. We want them back and we hope," she added. "God knows they're alive somewhere."

Deputies say Jeanette and Danette Millbrook were last seen at Augusta Mart. That's where the community stood with signs and fliers today.

"Well I'm feeling kind of good about what we're here doing today."

Though she feels good about the efforts of the community, feelings of frustration are close too. She's says it been a push and pull working with investigators. For every step forward, the case has moved several back Sturgis explained.

Richmond County Investigators closed the case a year after the Millbrook sisters went missing in 1990. Sheriff Roundtree reopened it 2013. But the twins' mother says when she heard from the Sheriff last year, there were no more advancements.

"Well he said he didn't want nothing else to do with it, and I don't understand why."

Their plea has fallen on deaf ears according to the their cousin, Chette Kendrick.

"I just don't understand how you're still missing but the case is closed. That's the crazy thing," she said.

When Kendrick was younger, she couldn't quite grasp everything as it happened. But in hindsight she says she believes the Richmond County Sheriff's Office didn't do its best to help her family. In turn, she claims her family couldn't help themselves.

"You know, it just makes you incompetent, in an incompetent position. A failed system, you just feel failed."

The community and family standing strong on the corner of 12th and MLK Blvd say it's only possible because of the power of prayer.

April 2nd is the twins birthday. The family is hoping maybe this year they can celebrate Jeanette and Danette's birthday with them.