More developments coming to Riverside Village

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019
News 12 at 11

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- North Augusta’s riverfront has come a long way over the past year but there's a new neighborhood on the way.

The end Railroad Avenue is closed but soon, this will be one of three streets that runs all the way through to Hammonds Ferry, with new homes on either side.

Richard Broussard, a resident, often walks by and wonders what's being built in his backyard.

"A lot of people moving into the area I think it'll be a good addition," said Broussard.

He's only been at the Ironwood Apartments a month and thought it was more apartments going between him and Hammonds Ferry.

"Right across the river, there's all good places to eat. Good neighborhood," said Broussard.

Now that he knows its single-family homes, he's excited.

"It's just an expansion of Hammond's Ferry," said Broussard.

City Administrator Todd Glover says this is actually a Hammonds Ferry expansion, bringing the total number of homes there to a little over 300, connecting the neighborhood to the village.

"There will be at least 3 road connections between Hammonds Ferry and Riverside Village," said Glover.

The developer is doing the groundwork now. People can see it clearly at Front Street, where the road will eventually run all the way through. And it's all coming sooner than you think.

"Homes actually starting to be constructed by summer time," said Glover.

Neighbors like Broussard say connecting everything is critical for their commute.

"Cut your time down getting home or going somewhere. If you want to go out to eat, or you want to go to the ballpark over here," said Broussard.

Glover also knows there will be some traffic kinks to work out, especially during baseball season.

"Now that the hotel is open, and the restaurants are open, and there's people living in the apartments, we can't close center street like we did last year," said Glover.

He says the extra routes should help. Those traffic issues are top-of-mind for the city right now, which is why Glover told News 12 they're happy to announce plans for the third 600 spot parking deck were submitted this week.

However, it won't be done this season. The city is putting a contract for its 600-seat amphitheater park out for bid this week. The park will have a stage that doubles as a water splash pad for kids.