Mayor Hardie Davis to discuss security issues at Tuesday's commission meeting

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. says security issues and concerns will be addressed in Augusta-Richmond County commission next week.

Davis, who held a Facebook Live session on his Facebook page, clarified that what he asked for last week from city leaders and law enforcement officials was not a security detail, but a security escort.

An escort, according to Davis, would be only one non-uniformed law enforcement agent with his team while he's out on official business in the community. Davis says that officer would return to their regular job duties with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office when he's not in the community.

Davis continues to say that reports on security claims he's continued to make are "sensationalized," and that he has provided the sheriff's office and the former city administrator with proof of real incidents where his security was threatened.

In a March 19 commission meeting, Davis made reference to several specific threats.

“On more than one occasion -- the Marshal can attest to this -- we've had someone come into this building who has not only threatened my life, but the life of my staff,” Davis said.

We checked with the Marshal's office and the sheriff's office for any specific threats. Neither said they had any incidents about threats against the mayor on file.

But Davis says in the broader picture, the security discussion will be centered around keeping all government buildings safe.

Davis cited several incidents, including one at the Wallace Branch library where a 9-year-old was allegedly beaten by a homeless man, an incident where a municipal employee shot another several years ago, and an incident where a probation office employee was shot.

Davis said the 2,700 city employees should feel safe in government buildings.

Commissioners will meet Tuesday.

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