Looking for love? Aiken County Animal Shelter hopes you'll try 'speed dating' with their adoptable pets

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Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020
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AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WRDW/WAGT) -- Just in time for Valentine's Day, a local group is holding a speed dating event! But it's not what you may think.

It’s actually being put on by Friends of the Animal Shelter and the Aiken County Animal Shelter to get those pets adopted.

Sometimes love can be – pun very much intended here – ruff.

For the dogs and cats at the Aiken Animal Shelter, this year has been particularly lonely.

"We're full. The shelter is full. Which is a little unusual for this time of the year,” Ellie Joos, a board member with FOTAS, said. “Usually we've gone through a little bit of a lull, but we're full. Now we're going into the spring and so this is when we will see kittens and puppies galore."

Joos says they came up with the idea after the alarming influx of animals this winter. They hope puppy love will bring homes to the sweet faces.

"Valentine’s Day is that one day where we should express how much people mean to us and families include not only your spouses and siblings but also your fur pets, fur family, fur children,” Joos said.

So she brushed off their fur and put on their bow-ties just in time for Valentine's Day.

"Someone will come in and they'll start with dog number one and then a timer will go off and then they move onto dog number two, so like speed dating,” Joos said.

Power duo Aggie and Benson are looking for love after their owner passed away. And Beau wants someone who will treat him as their one and only. Baya is looking for someone who will shower him with affection for the rest of his life.

All of them are looking for someone to open their heart a little more to love.

The event will be this Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the animal shelter. If you find a dog or cat that you fall in love with, you can take him home that night.

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