Local club makes 'mom life' a little easier

Monday, Jan. 13, 2020
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AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) -- Being a mom is hard enough, but being a mom with a social life is even harder. Luckily, there's a club for women from all over the region to make mom life a little easier.

Sydney Walters says MOM'S club is more of a support group than a club.

"It stands for moms offering moms support," said Walters.

She's been the president of the Aiken chapter for two years, and says the isolation that can come with being a mom is something only other mothers can understand.

"To have a support group that's been there, who's done that, to encourage you, maybe cry with you, it's just a nice feeling," she said.

There's a lot of different reasons a mom might join. Some moms use it as a mental health resource, others for a social outlet.

"You don't realize how much postpartum depression is actually a really big deal. You're sleep-deprived and you're trying to figure stuff out, so just trying to find out who you are," said club member Maria Swift.

Rebecca Wright is a MOM'S Club member, who moved to the US from China. She said she joined because she had no family or friends in the States, so she needed support. She says when her husband had two heart attacks in August last year, MOM'S Club saved the day.

"They gave me the meals train so I don't need to worry about cook (sic) and take care of the kids," said Wright. "They're not going to starve."

Walters says providing a social outlet for the kids is an added perk of the club.

"I have a little boy who has special needs and he's autistic. A big part of his delays were social," she said.

But, MOM'S club is all about the moms.

"We push kindness, we push acceptance, and that's really hard to find in a group of women," said Walters.

The group meets for play dates and field trips multiple times per month. They also have a monthly mom's-night-out.

MOM'S Club is an international non-profit and there are multiple chapters around the CSRA.

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