Kittens take over Georgia Aquarium

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ATLANTA (Gray News) - The Georgia Aquarium is closed to human visitors amid the coronavirus outbreak, but that does not mean our furry friends have to miss out on the fun.

Atlanta Humane Society took a group of kittens to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta for a field trip. (Source: Atlanta Humane Society, Gray News)

The Atlanta Humane Society took a group of adorable kittens to check out all the fish.

“Our kittens got a bit jealous after they heard we took the puppies to the Georgia Aquarium,” Christina Hill with the Atlanta Humane Society said in a statement.

They “couldn’t resist” taking their kittens on a field trip, too.

The kittens are named Nemo, Guppy, Marlin, Bubbles and Dory, so the aquarium is definitely the perfect place for some fun!

“They couldn’t get enough of the beautiful Tropical Diver exhibit,” the Atlanta Humane Society said in a post.

The Georgia Aquarium also shared a post of the kittens saying, “we’re smitten with these kittens.”

The two posts have been viewed thousands of times!

While these kittens are not up for adoption right now, anyone interested in adopting a cat or kitten who is up for adoption should contact their local shelter.

The humane society also wants to remind everyone that there is no evidence that pets can spread COVID-19. If you do become ill, make sure that your pet is prepared and have multiple caregiver options in place.

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