King of the Cage fight just one of many unique events coming to SRP Park

Monday, May 13, 2019
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NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - SRP Park turned into an MMA ring tonight for the first ever King of the Cage Fight. It's just one of the events SRP's bringing to the ballpark and more events like this are coming.

"I remember growing up here and everybody saying, there's nothing to do in Augusta, we always have to go to Atlanta or Columbia," Jennifer Waters said.

But Waters says that's changing.

"Multi-purpose use for this field is what's going to help bring more and more things that are going to grow the city and it's going to be great for our kids," Waters said.

This park is not just for baseball fans. It's for concerts, festivals, and now MMA fighting.

"We're open to really whatever brings people out and the community can get behind so at the end of the day whether it be concerts, MMA events or other things of that nature, we're always open to exploring and seeing what we can come up with," said Tom Denlinger, the Greenjackets vice president.

Denlinger wants SRP Park to be an entertainment destination. Which is opening up the chance for Waters, the U.S. National Kickboxing Champion, to fight in her hometown.

"First time on a baseball field, most of the time it's inside a stadium, but I'm excited about that," Waters said. "I'm excited to be back here in my hometown and be able to put on a show for everybody."

Waters is not the only fighter representing the CSRA. Alexa Wiechert threw all the right punches, scoring Alexa her first title of her career. Malcolm Wellmaker was another local name you heard people cheering.

"It's already turned out good with the ticket sales and the excitement with the local fighters here," Robbie Bell said.

Bell is the president of LB Productions. He says picking SRP Park for this fight was a no brainier. He says this could become a regular event here.

For now, Denlinger says they're getting back to baseball for a bit after the fight, but says to expect more to come.

"We've got some exciting things happening in the fall that we're kind of in the final stages of that hopefully we can announce soon," Denlinger said.

Denlinger says the sky's the limit. He says they're always talking to concert promoters to bring in and to expect more festivals and some new events coming soon.

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