Kamala Harris boosts candidacy with Aiken town hall

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Saturday, October 19, 2019
News 12 at 11 O'Clock

AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) -- As election season ramps up for 2020, California Sen. Kamala Harris became the latest candidate to campaign in the CSRA with a town hall event Saturday.

South Carolina and Georgia have both voted Republican in the last six presidential elections, but some community members would like to see that change.

"There's definitely a shift going on right now," said Tony Price from South Carolina. Price said he came out to the event because his sister-in-law is Harris' campaign manager.

Harris addressed the community for about 20 minutes before opening up the floor to questions.

"We place the power in the people," she said to a packed gym at Aiken County High School.

One of the questions asked came from Amy Lenz, whose husband has served for 20 years in the Army. Lenz calls herself a very politically active member of the community.

"I will always listen to any of our political candidates that come to town," she said. "I have seen Bernie twice now. I just saw Elizabeth Warren when she was in Aiken."

Harris answered just four questions on Saturday, but people like Joanne Puleo believed she had all the right answers.

"Right now, we need strong, capable, experienced, smart people," she said. "Kamala is all of that and more."

Harris took time to address what she called the donkey, not the elephant, in the room.

"It's this conversation about well, you know, I don't know if America is ready for a woman," she said. That was met by groans and laughter from her supporters, who think we're more than ready.

"We've had a history, with the exception of Barack Obama, [of] old white man, old white man, old white man, and I don't think we're getting anywhere, so let's try something new," said Lenz.

"It's the best person for the job. I mean you see that in the work place every day," said Price.

Harris said she knows she has a big fight ahead of her, but said no aspect of progress in this country came without a fight.

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