Inspiring future generations for careers in cyber security

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 6:09 PM EST
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Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020

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AUGUSTA,GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- From 6th graders to seniors in high school, these kids share at least one thing in common: a passion for cybersecurity. And today they got to put their passion to the test.

"We got over 160 kids from 40 different schools, two states and and seven counties and they're going to do a capture the flag event, and it's gonna be Jeopardy-style, but these are high schoolers and middle schoolers," Dr. Tom Clark, executive director of the Alliance for Fort Gordon, said.

In teams of four, the students had to solve complex problems from reverse engineering, cryptology, and forensics. The team that gets the most points based on the problems they solve -- will get these amazing star wars themed trophies.

Allie Sansing is an 8th grader from Greenbrier Middle School said this is her first year being in the schools cyber patriot club.

"I'm on an all-girls team," Sansing said. "It's like a sisterly bond and like we do get stressed out but we see each other at our worst and best and that what makes us so close and we just love doing this together."

Sansing says both her parents work at Fort Gordon and have been so supportive with her competitions.

"Ever since the first competition, I've just fallen in love with it, and I love it, and I'd really like to continue this in high school," Sansing said,

And as the world of cyber security continues to grow, programs like this one can inspire students to follow their cyber careers.

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