I-TEAM UPDATE: It's very easy to search your favorite nail salon for inspection reports and citations

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Friday, Oct. 18, 2019
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AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Imagine losing part of your finger after getting manicure. It happened to a woman in Tennessee this year.

Nail salons can easily become cesspools for bacteria and germs-- especially illegal salons. Our I-Team found our fair share of illegal nail shops in Augusta.

There are two types of licenses every nail salon should have in the state of Georgia. The salon itself must have a license and each nail tech must have an individual license, too.

You can look up your favorite nail salon very easily online.

[EXTRA: Look up your nail salon's inspection reports.]

[EXTRA: Look up your nail technician's license.]

First you want to go to the Georgia Secretary of State's website. The first search you want to do is on the facility. Choose “Cosmetology and Barbers” and then type in the name of the nail shop.

From there, you can search for your salon to check for a license and inspection reports. One such salon we searched for was in trouble for using razor callous removers, which are illegal in Georgia.

Kay Kendrick, chairman of the board of cosmetology, told us just how dangerous the blades are.

"The skin on your feet is basically protection to keep your feet from getting impurities into your body,” Kendrick said. “When you scrape that off, it's kind of like a scrape up on the knee or something and then you put it in a whirlpool bath that might or might not have bacteria, so you’re opening up a path for that bacteria to come into your body and into the bloodstream."

We can also go back to older inspections. Another salon we looked at was fined $25 two years ago for having unlicensed nail techs working at the shop. The most current inspection report shows everyone has a license.

You can also choose to search by the name of a nail tech.

Take time to do your own research. It could save you a finger or a toe.

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