I-TEAM: Fort Gordon project no longer on list of projects whose money could be used to fund border wall

Friday, Sept. 6, 2019

Photo Source: Robert Bushell / U.S. CBP / MGN

FORT GORDON, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Back in March, we told you about a list of military projects the Pentagon sent Congress.

That list featured millions of dollars worth of projects that could be slashed in favor of building a wall with Mexico.

Funding for a big project at Fort Gordon was on that list.

However, a new list we received does not show that Fort Gordon project.

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In fact, there aren't any projects in Georgia on the list at all. In South Carolina, there's only one: a fire station replacement in Beaufort.

In all, it's a list of 127 projects. Together, they total $3.6 billion. That's taxpayer money Congress promised to future military projects. Instead, that money is now promised toward the Border Wall at Mexico.

This list is much shorter than the 20 page list we first told you about this past spring.

In particular, one part caught our eye: the Cyber Instructional Facility and Network Center at a cost of $99 million.

We asked Rep. Rick Allen about it.

"I had assurances that this was not going to happen here as far as Fort Gordon is concerned," Allen said.

The Department of Defense listed its cut-off date to award projects as Sept. 30. As of today, the project at Fort Gordon still hasn't been awarded. No word yet what will happen if it isn't awarded in the next 24 days.

Allen promises to have a close eye on it.

"My office has been communicating with the Army regarding the reprogramming of military construction funds. Ensuring that Fort Gordon receives the funds needed to further the transition of U.S. Army Cyber Command to Augusta remains one of my top priorities," a statement from his office said.

This recent smaller list affects projects in nearly half the 50 states, three territories, and 19 countries.

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