DNR has an explanation for a headless gator found on the side of a CSRA road

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RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Temperatures are warming up and that means you'll likely see more alligators around our area.

Over the weekend, Georgia DNR got a call about a headless alligator found off Old Waynesboro Road in southern Richmond County.

After talking to the people involved and doing an inspection, DNR discovered the alligator was already dead before its head was taken off.

Someone had found the dead gator and removed its head.

“There wasn't any foul play, as far as him taking the alligator," DNR Sgt. Max Boswell said. "He just didn't know that was not what you're supposed to do”.

After removing the gator's head, the gator's body was loaded onto a trucll, but it fell out and was left on the side of Old Waynesboro Road.

That is when pictures began to circulate on social media.

DNR removed the alligator from the road and disposed of it properly. No charges were made.