Grovetown could see more apartments, but residents worry about rapid growth

Monday, March 11, 2019
News 12 at 6 O'Clock

GROVETOWN, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- More apartments could be on the way to Grovetown, but first, it would require some rezoning in the Robinson Avenue area near Grovetown Elementary School.

City leaders will discuss the plan Monday night, but many are worried that apartments and townhomes will take over their community.

Susan Coleman, the owner of Mark's Park, has made this little community a home for many.

"It's a nice quiet area and people just want to keep it that way,” Coleman said. “They don't want to lose that hometown feel."

But growth is on the horizon with the potential of this new development.
"A lot of the tenants are scared of this zoning thing that's going on,” Coleman said. "They don't know what this meant for them, what this meant for their future."

The rezoning doesn't just affect the Robinson Avenue community, but several more on South Robinson Avenue as well. More than 30 parcels are facing a rezoning change from single family residential to multi-family residential.

"The infrastructure doesn't support what's on it now, let alone let's add 70 townhomes down here and 150 apartments over here and everything will just be jolly because it won't,” Coleman said.

City leaders say with this rezoning, developers are required to pay the price of changing the community. They'll have to help with road widening, sidewalks and new infrastructure. But Eli Ford says there's no room.

"They're trying to build on 27 acres here in the center of Grovetown, and that's like the mass majority of what's left in Grovetown,” Ford said.

Ford welcomes change, but not this kind.

"Hopefully they'll zone it for something more residential, more neighborhood-y. Instead of trying to overpopulate,” Ford said.

Staff recommended to approve the rezoning but the planning commission did not, so it's really up to the council to make the vote. Regardless of what that vote is, they'll still have to vote two more times after this before it is official.