Golden Corral fight: Multiple deputies had to restrain men after restaurant incident

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Monday, July 8, 2019

MARTINEZ, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- We're learning more about what happened when a fight broke out at a Martinez Golden Corral.

An incident report claims deputies were called to the scene on Bobby Jones Expressway after a fight broke out at the restaurant. When they arrived, a deputy told Alpheus Horatio Mitchell not to go anywhere before he walked away from the deputy.

When the deputy again told Mitchell to come back, Mitchell allegedly told the deputy, "I am going to get some food." When the deputy again told him to come back, Mitchell got aggressive and had to be detained. Before he could be fully detained, the report claims he tried to punch the deputy and tried to slam him to the ground.

Deputies were able to restrain Mitchell following the incident. However, as the first deputy was trying to restrain Mitchell Sr., his teen son punched the deputy in the face.

Meanwhile the second suspect, Michael Samuel Burke was trying to get to the deputies but was being held back by family members. He began using profanity and pushing the sergeant while his family was still trying to restrain him.

Mitchell was arrested and charged with obstruction, his teen son was taken to the Richmond County Youth Detention Center, and Burke was charged with disorderly conduct.

There is a video of the altercation, but it is being used as evidence at this time.

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