GA mom goes off on convicted killer daughter in sentencing hearing

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(CNN) -- Jurors heard victim impact statements Wednesday in the sentencing trial of a woman convicted of killing the father of her child.

Mother rips into her own daughter at sentencing hearing; daughter was convicted of killing her baby's father. (Source: CNN)

Amid the tears and anger, one statement stood out -- the convicted murderer's own mother lashed out at her daughter from the stand.

One relative after the other took the stand during a sentencing hearing for convicted murderer Ciera Harp.

But none had the impact of Harp's own mother.

"You reveled in disrespect, foolery and ignorance,” Adrienne Thurmond, the mother, said.

Thurmond gave her daughter a tongue lashing.

"Wherever you went chaos and trouble were sure to follow,” Thurmond said.

A jury convicted harp last month for the murder of rahim grant, the father of her child.

Harp recorded herself shooting the man multiple times over several minutes in front of their daughter.

Harp gave her mother the stink eye and mouthed a profanity, then called her a female dog after she lit into her.

Thurmond said the man told her days before his murder he was improving his life and had new plans.

"I know for a fact his plans did not include you,” Thurmond said.

She thinks that's why Harp murdered the man.

The man’s mother, Geraldine Grant, wanted the death penalty, but it wasn't on the table.

"You showed no mercy for my son, Ciera,” Grant said. “And I ask the court to show no mercy for you."

The judge in the case has delayed sentencing until later this month.

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