Four Rottweilers kill grandmother

Published: Dec. 11, 2018 at 9:17 PM EST
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Monday, December 11, 2018

CNN -- A 73-year-old woman is dead and her two grandchildren injured after they were attacked by four dogs in North Carolina.

Authorities say the dogs were owned by the woman's brother.

"I saw all of the lights. It was dusk," said Mayor Justin Oliver.

He's the mayor of the small town of Marietta.

He's describing this scene on Olivet Church Road.

It's where 73-year-old Esta Currier was killed yesterday by her brother's four Rottweilers.

"The dogs were always fenced in. If they had not been, it would have been addressed. I don't know how they escaped and how all this happened," said Oliver.

Currier's seven and nine-year-old grandchildren were also attacked and injured by the dogs.

The mayor says Currier lived in a nearby mobile home and was picking up her grandchildren at the school bus stop when the dogs attacked.

"She could drive down that dirt road to the highway, and pick up those kids at the end of the dirt road," said Oliver.

When deputies arrived, they found currier dead, the children injured and the dogs approaching them in an aggressive manner.

The dogs were shot and killed.

56-year-old Brenda Walters, one of the owners of the dogs, was injured while the officers were shooting at the dogs.

She was treated and released from Southeastern Medical Center in Lumberton and is going to be okay.

But the small community is grieving.

"To have your dogs kill someone that's actually in your family. I mean that must be hard for all of the family," said Oliver.

It's unclear what caused the dogs to attack the victims.

North Carolina's State Bureau of Investigation is assisting with the probe.

The county sheriff's office says both children are hospitalized in stable condition.