More details released about new movie filming in Augusta.

Untitled Prison Movie is filming in Augusta.
Untitled Prison Movie is filming in Augusta.(WRDW)
Published: Jun. 20, 2019 at 1:21 PM EDT
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Thursday, June 20, 2019

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- We now know the

that we've been reporting on has been shooting all week at the Old Law Enforcement Center.

The crew says they have loved filming in the old location because there are so many different options for shooting - a jail, a courthouse, a chapel, and plenty of rooms to double as trailers.

For years, Bo Roberts has been a video editor.

"My original goal was to work in movies, but that was back when they were only being shot in California and it was kinda hard to get out there at that point," said Roberts.

But since Hollywood discovered Georgia, he's worked on a lot of films as a media wrangler, including this one, "an Untitled Prison Movie".

"A media wrangler takes the cards that the camera shoots the footage on, puts them onto the hard drive, and saves them forever," Reynolds explained.

Roberts is just one of the locals working on this production at the old LEC.

"It's a football story where we have somebody who is going down the wrong path in life."

Marc Crump is an associate producer on the film, as well as a local. He says having staff like Reynolds makes Augusta even more attractive to the film industry.

"Building that crew depth over the last several years is what has kinda helped us because production doesn't need to bring in all of these people and house them," Crump said. "They have that locally."

The locations the Garden City has to offer help with the pitch too.

"Augusta does have a lot of versatility, which is nice."

The best part? They get to do what they love most without having to leave home. That's why they're hoping for more opportunities like this film has given them.

"Every one of us in our craft. We love what we do and being able to attract that to here in Augusta to where we can work from home. Why wouldn't we wanna do that?"

Former Augusta mayor Bob Young will also make appearances in the film. There may be other cameos as well.

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