First on 12: Tammy Kingery's family candidly speaks about her disappearance 1 year later

Published: Sep. 17, 2015 at 7:47 AM EDT
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News 12 This Morning, Thursday, Sept. 17th, 2014

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WRDW)- The disappearance of Tammy Kingery gripped our community and an entire nation,and there are still zero clues, just questions.

Park and Tammy Kingery were first coworkers. Their relationship developed, they dated, got married, and had three children.

Park said for him it was a dream come true, but now his dream is a nightmare. His wife missing for a year with no trace, no clues, just questions. A year later, the reality of his wife's disappearance sets in along with the harsh realities of daily life as their family tries to cope.

September 20th, the day Park and Tammy Kingery decided to officially become a couple. Fast forward 20 years, and now it's an anniversary no one would want.

"It's probably a day that's going to haunt the rest of my life," said Park Kingery.

September 20th 2014, Park said his wife called him from work not feeling well. He picked her up and brought her home. He she he later left the house dropping off one son at his mother in laws and the other running errands with him, but when they get home no sign of his wife Tammy. The only trace of her was a note.

"It said going on a walk, be back soon, love you, and that was it," said Kingery.

"There was no sign, everything was here. She didn't take her purse, her phone, her money, her credit card, her car was at work," said her mother Carolyn Russell.

"We just couldn't figure how do you just vanish like that?" said Russell.

What happened after that, the big mystery. Both Park and Tammy's mother Carolyn said her leaving a note and walking in the heavily wooded area around their home was out of character.

Both believe something bad happened, but both also have differing opinions on that day.

"It's just something you just can't figure out in your mind what happened, and I've always thought maybe someone just got in the house and took her," said Russell.

"Unfortunately she developed a depression, and I think that's what lead to her leaving," said Kingery.

Park saying his wife was going through periods of severe sadness.

"Just taking care of the house, the kids, I guess me, at times she wanted to get away, and that's how she would express it to me that she needed to get away," said Kingery.

The day quickly turned to night, a week, a month, and here we are today, and still no answers.

"It's a living nightmare not knowing, and you can't help but imagine what if she is out there still alive. What is she doing? What is she going through? Did someone pick her up? It's been a roller coaster, and basically you go through all the emotions to the extremes every day," said Kingery.

Now, it's an adjustment to life as a single parent. Two kids now in high school, and one in kindergarten, and going from a two income household to one.

"I had to file for bankruptcy. She was making a good income, I made a decent on and so now with hers completely gone, and I still have the bills. I fought it as long as I could until the point where I can't do it anymore," said Kingery.

Now, at 41 years old, Park said he's looking for a second job, and may have to sell the house and move back in with his parents. The reward for Tammy no longer exists.

"I'm out of money. That's the reality of it. I had save it as long as I could. I wish I could have put out more but it's gone that was my money out of my retirement fund," said Kingery.

"Honestly, this may sound bad, but I can't really do anything more to help her. I cant think of anything else to help her. The only I can do is what I can control, and that's take care of the kids," said Kingery.

Park said Tammy's disappearance is something they don't really talk about. Instead, they stay busy, and he's proud of how strong his children are but cant help but worry.

"What is the psychological, emotional damage it's going to do to them it's going to come out later in their years. They're great kids, but I still cant imagine what they're going through," said Kingery.

"She left a major void that will probably never be filled," said Kingery.

The family is asking if anyone has any information, even the smallest thing to come forward. They said they're wanting more searches near the water in the area. They said especially with this anniversary they're hoping it will spark a break through in the case.