Fans revving up and restaurants prep for masses as bowl season kicks off

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Monday, Jan. 1, 2018
(News 12 at 11)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- At Wild Wing Café Georgia fans were watching a nail-biter game that ended a little after nine.

Two big games hit our area tonight, Georgia Bulldog fans flooded Wild Wings to cheers on their team.

"The first half was kind of one sided but in the second half it's been as good a game as you've ever see," said Georgia fan, Russ Boykin.

Oklahoma and the Dogs were evenly matched. Oklahoma took the lead the whole first half of the game, but Georgia fans remained hopeful.

"They are going to pull it off."

And he was right.

Georgia let the Dogs out to tie the game with only a minute left in the 4th quarter.

"Georgia is a place where everybody's a Dog fan so we're happy they are able to come back and pull ahead,” said Chad Riggsby.

Oklahoma missed a field goal in double overtime opening the door for Georgia.

Sony Michel ran for the winning touchdown and fans blew up in excitement.

"I’ll tell you what I’m proud of the Bulldogs, they fought hard and they came back from 17 points down so you've gotta give them credit. To put this thing in overtime and come up with a deficit like that is pretty amazing. Just shows the heart that they play with."

Monday, Jan. 1, 2018
(News 12 at Five)

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- People across the area are flying their flag proudly whether it's red, orange, or even crimson ringing in the New Year has never been sweeter for these fans. Bowl-mania has the CSRA buzzing.

"Oh, we're expecting to be rip-roaring in here tonight man."

"Everybody's pumped. This is big time."

This time around, almost everyone has a dog in the hunt.

Brooklyn Bella, bartender at Wild Wing Café said, "I'm a Georgia fan, so it's extra special for me cause Georgia hasn't come this far in a while it seems like."

"This is the biggest Georgia game I’ve ever been around for," said Daniel Scholer, manager at Wild Wing Café.

While some may not be Tigers or Bulldogs they're still taking it in stride.
"Do you know a lot of Dawgs and Tigers fans?"

"Do I have to admit that publicly,” asked Gamecock fan, Carson Sublett.
"Ultimately, whoever wins the national championship, I wish it'd be one of those two."

Andrew McGinnes is the manager of Wing Place in the Tiger territory of Aiken. He says today is huge for business.

"Lots of local fans come in here every Saturday, now they get to do it on New Year’s Day with something even bigger on the line."

Across the river in Dawgs country, Wild Wing Cafe manager Daniel Scholer says the same.

"We probably go through somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000-8,000 chicken wings today."

Wing Place isn't far behind with 5,000 wings on tap.

Brooklyn Bella, a bartender at Wild Wing, says these two teams being in the playoff makes it extra.

"We have a lot of people, especially with the game being as far as California a lot of people couldn't make the trip, so they want to come and enjoy it."

And of course, she's got her own prediction for how this one plays out.
"I think Georgia Alabama honestly. It'd be nice to see Saban and Kirby Smart. Kind of like a passing the torch from mentor to mentee."

"Let them go at it cause I don't have a dog in that hunt."

"We got people calling in all day asking if we're gonna have the games on--absolutely we are."

"Go Dawgs!"

And these fans will be sticking around through the Georgia game to see who they might play if the Dawgs edge the Sooners. The winner of this game plays the winner of Clemson and Bama, which kicks off at 8:45 tonight.