Family, friends addressing Augusta commission for answers in Melquan Robinson's death

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Friday, January 11, 2019

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- A local group is planning to stand before the Augusta commission on Tuesday to ask for answers from city leaders. Family and friends say their mission has not changed since a 12-year-old was electrocuted at a city park in October. They want to know how this happened, who is responsible, and why the problem wasn't fixed decades ago.

As the group gathered together on Friday afternoon, balloons touched the sky, much like the prayers sent up by Melquan Robinson's little army.

"We want healing," said a woman leading a prayer. "We want a solution, and we want to work together,"

Nearly four months have passed, and even though questions remain about how it happened, Melquan has not been forgotten. The group is making sure it stays that way.

"We are prepared to be the voice for Melquan," said Pastor Angela Harden. "Because he has no voice now,"

In front of candles, photos, and memories, the group isn't just asking...they're demanding answers from the city.

"Who was negligent?" asked Pastor Harden. "Who didn't do their job that caused the death of Melquan?"

Standing quietly at the rally was Commissioner Dennis Williams. Fleming Park is in his district.

"I'm here just simply to show my support, concern, and interest in my district and the people in the district," Commissioner Williams explained. "and to make sure things are followed the way they're supposed to be,"

It's not the last time Commissioner Williams will hear from the group. They'll be addressing the full Augusta commission on Tuesday.

"We want transparency in our government and our community," said Pastor Harden. "We have not had that,"

Commissioner Williams says the city is doing its part.

"I'm comfortable and satisfied that our local government is doing what they're supposed to be doing in order to come to an end with the situation," said Commissioner Williams.

But the group isn't letting up in the fight for justice for Melquan.

The city responded with a statement saying: "Since October, we have taken action to make our parks safer places for children and adults. We have contracted experts to review conditions of electrical systems at eight athletic facilities with similarities to Fleming," - Janice Allen Jackson