Family asks for help after 13-year-old struck in hit-and-run left with broken legs

Friday, Sept. 6, 2019
News 12 at 11 O'Clock

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- This family sticks together in times of tragedy. Mom, siblings, aunts and cousins -- all standing up for 13-year-old Matthew Stallings after they say he was hit by a car that left the scene.

"I just want to say whoever did this, they better come up to this hospital and say sorry," Jazmyne Hunter, the victim's 6-year-old cousin, said.

"I hope this person comes clean to the police because he was just lying in the street," 11-year-old cousin Lamarcus Bailey said.

Richmond County deputies say it happened Friday on the corner of Milledgeville Road and Wheeless Road. Matthew and his 9-year-old sister were riding their bikes down the street to the store.

"The walk light was on," Fontella Davis, the victim's aunt, said. "They were going across the street and the car just turned the corner fast and ran him over. It kept going."

Witnesses told police the driver did not stop.

"You rolled down the window, he looked my niece in the face, and saw her there traumatized beside her brother screaming and crying and just rolled off like he didn't do anything," aunt Ceromia Godbee said.

"I can't understand how a human being could just leave a child in the middle of the road like that and didn't even check to see if he was alright," Davis said. "Just kept going."

Doctors say Stallings broke both of his legs. They did surgery to put two rods in his legs. It'll be months before he can walk again.

"I was happy that he was okay, but I was sad because both of his legs are broken," Bailey said.

"I'm sad because I've never seen him get hurt," Hunter said.

And while they're all happy he's on the road to healing, they say they won't rest until they find the person behind the wheel.

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