Woman says she was arrested and jailed for commenting on a Facebook post

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Tuesday, Feb, 7, 2016

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- An ex wife is suing after a Facebook post about her ex husband, a Washington County deputy, landed her in jail.

Anne King is suing two deputies and the county over what she calls a wrongful arrest and freedom of speech.

News 12 NBC 26's Kelly Wiley sat down with King's friend who was also arrested for commenting on the Facebook post.

Susan Hines says she started this lawsuit, but dropped out of it to keep the peace in her small town, but she still says what happened isn't right.

"She took to Facebook to vent. To I don't know maybe it was someone to feel sorry for her," says Susan Hines.

Two years ago Anne Boyd King wrote "You ask your kids dad to get them more Motrin and Tylenol and he refuses."

"I really should have stayed out of it, but as a friend I wanted to defend her," said Hines.

In the comments Susan Hines called King's ex, a Washington County deputy, a "P.O.S"

"I could have been calling him a piece of sugar," said Hines. "I posted that in defense of my friend. Did I think it was going to land me in a jail cell 5 days later. Absolutely not," said Hines.

Hines says they were charged, arrested and jailed after officer King filed an incident report against them.

"Just the fact that I was arrested. I mean over a Facebook post. I was sitting in a jail cell with criminals walking, in orange jumpsuits, looking at me, checking me out," said Hines.

The lawsuit says in court the chief magistrate judge even threatened to ban Anne King from Facebook.

"For him to threaten Ms. king and tell her that he was going to her Facebook, well unless he has some connection with Mark Zuckerburg I don't see how he could do that," said Hines.

News 12 NBC 26 reached out to the Washington County Sheriffs Office about their arrest they forwarded me to their lawyer. Their lawyers tell me "The county declines to comment due to pending litigation."

We also reached out to Chief Magistrate Judge Ralph O. Todd's office. We were told he was in hearings for the rest of the day.

Monday, Feb. 6, 2017

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ga.-- An ex-wife is suing two Washington County deputies and the county after being arrested and charged with criminal defamation over a Facebook post.

The post said:

"That moment when everyone in your house has the flu and you ask your kid's dad to get them (not me) more Motrin and Tylenol and he refuses."

Anne King was talking about her ex-husband, Corey King, one of the Washington County deputies she's suing.

Several people commented on the post,including her friends Susan Hines, who was also arrested for defamation for this post:

"POS. Give me an hour and check your mailbox. I'll be GLAD to pick up the slack."

The lawsuit says during a warrant hearing, the magistrate called this a criminal defamation case and even threatened to ban Ms. King from Facebook.

The lawsuit says Ms. King was locked in a cell for about four hours before she bonded out for $1,000.

When the case went before a state court judge, the judge said 'I don't even know why we're here.' The solicitor eventually dropped the charges.

Ms. King's lawyers claim this is a violation of her constitutional right to free speech and say criminal defamation has not been considered constitutional in Georgia for the past thirty years.

We reached out to the Washington County Sheriff's Office who through their lawyer declined to comment.