EXCLUSIVE: Alison Eastwood talks about making a movie with her father

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- The movie called "The Mule" is based on a true story about an elderly man who is running drugs and cash for the Mexican cartel.

Alison Eastwood says she and her father have come full circle in Georgia. The last time they worked together was in Savannah 21 years ago.

"We both have gone on our own journeys for the last 21 years in different ways and it's really lovely for me as a middle-aged woman right now to go back and work with my dad who's now 88 years old."

She says she's happy to share "The Mule" with him, in Augusta.

"When he asked me to do the movie with him, I was sort of terrified, but very touched at the same time because I don't know if we'll ever work together again."

Alison plays her father's daughter in the film. She says they shot most of the family scenes in Augusta.

"I think the film is just sort of a really interesting piece about humanity and about the fact that sometimes we make choices that are not right and are not good for us, but then we find redemption."

She says the crew has noticed the passion and interest from the people here.

"I just want to thank Augusta for being so welcoming and lovely and please go see the film. We appreciate the support and hopefully you'll be excited to see your town on the big screen in a big Hollywood movie and I really hope that more people will come and shoot here because you're really film friendly. Everyone goes to Atlanta, but go to Augusta!"

They've filmed in museums, neighborhoods and churches in town, so Alison tells me she feels like she's gotten to know Augusta pretty well. She's also done some touristy things too- she's eaten out at local restaurants and even taken a picture with the James Brown statue.

They're wrapping up filming this week. She expects the film to be completed by the end of July.