Drugs, weapons, thousands of other items seized by GA corrections officers in 4Q

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Friday, Jan. 10, 2020

FORSYTH, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- Georgia Department of Corrections officials say they've managed to seize over 8,000 items of contraband in the last quarter alone.

Perhaps one of the biggest items seized from the state's 35 prisons was cell phones, which agents seized 2,563 of from October to December. Next up were over 2,500 handmade weapons.

Drugs were also an issue, with thousands of grams of cocaine, marijuana, and meth seized.

The following total items were seized:

• 2,563 cell phones
• 478 cell phone chargers
• 2,563 handmade weapons
• 7,142.53 grams of marijuana (24 bags/balloons)
• 106,366.92 grams of tobacco (1150 bags/balloons)
• 3,334.39 grams of methamphetamine (107 bags/balloons)
• 1,057.30 grams of cocaine (3 bag)
• 3,212.50 ounces of alcohol (44 bottles)
• 303 pills
• 20 syringes
• 17 SIM/SD cards

"We stand committed in our continuing efforts to bring justice to those who pose a threat to the safe and secure operations of our facility," Commissioner Timothy Ward said in a statement. "We applaud the work of our GDC staff who remain vigilant in detecting contraband inside our facilities."

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