Democrat Elizabeth Warren talks plans for presidency at USC Aiken rally

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Saturday, August 17, 2019
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AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - Twenty-three democratic presidential hopefuls are now in the running for the 2020 election. Many of them made their way to the south today and one right in our backyard.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren held a rally at USC Aiken's campus. Hundreds showed up. According to her campaign 925 people were there.

"Dream big, fight hard," people chanted as they wait for Warren to make her appearance.

The line was long and the weather hot, but that did not stop supporters from coming to see Elizabeth Warren.

"I just really believe in her and I want her to be our president," Cara Parker said.

People bought buttons and t-shirts, held signs and cheered as Warren explained her plans.

"We've got to have big structural change in America," Warren told the crowd. "We need to start it by attacking the corruption head on."

She wants to turn this red state into a blue one.

"The economy is in a very risky place right now and everyday that goes by Donald Trump makes it worse," Warren said.

Seats filled fast, so not everyone made it inside.

"And the reason for that is because South Carolina is fired up and ready for change," Warren explained.

Warren ran outside to greet an overflow crowd gathered outside on the lawn.

She tells those standing in the heat, "I've got bad news and good news. The bad news is there's no more room inside," Warren said. "The good news is there's no more room inside!"

"What she's got is the gift of, she's an explainer she's able to lay out her plans in such an easy to understand detail," Will Owensby said.

Brandi and Will Owensby drove from Columbia to be here. They're not set in stone on who they'll be voting for, but they say they're two teachers looking for a change in the White House.

"I am really hoping to see a Harris, Warren ticket that's my dream," Brandi said.

"This isn't just about winning in November 2020, oh yeah, that's where it starts, but it's about making the real change come January 2021," Warren said.

Warren talked about canceling student loan debt, stimulating historically black colleges, and having better security in elections and voters from outside influence.

Another big topic of discussion, health care. She recalled two years ago this month when republicans voted to get rid of Obama Care.

"The part I remember the most is after the republicans did that, they high-fived each other," Warren said. "What kind of people high-five each other over taking healthcare away from tens of millions of Americans?"

Warren was fired up and the crowed was electric.

After she rolled out her plans for office if she's elected, she took a few questions from the crowd. The icing on the cake for some was when she took selfies with those who came. She even started out with pictures for those who didn't make it inside.

Warren even had some young fans in the crowd, "I got a picture by myself and then a family picture!"

Warren is the first presidential candidate to come to Aiken this cycle. Her next stop is Saint Paul Minnesota on August 19th.

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