Deaf Boy Hears Mother's Voice for First Time

Published: Oct. 5, 2017 at 10:03 PM EDT
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Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – Thursday afternoon, two-year-old Kyse Sims heard his mother’s voice for the very first time.

The family is also a first for the Augusta University Medical Center.

Kyse sat in his mother’s lap in silence with no no idea his silence was about to end. Kyse was born deaf, but Thursday, he got his ears.

The first voice he got to hear was his mother's.

“You hear me, Kyse?” Katrima asked him.

He heard. His mother started to cry.

It was overwhelming for the both of them.

Kyse has cochlear implants in both ears. He’s the first patient in Augusta to get the gift of sound in both ears at once, and mom already knows one of the first sounds he’s got to hear as soon as they get home.

“He stands out there and waves at the trucks, every truck that comes through he stands out there and try to wave. So maybe he’ll hear the sound of the trucks as they come through and try to honk the horns.”

“It’s amazing. It’s awesome…”

Dr. Mohammad Seyyedi is the surgeon who did both implants.

“You feel great when you look at their face and you dream their future.”

He hopes Kyse’s success inspires others to have the surgery, including Kyse’s own brother. Katrima Sims has an older son who is also deaf.

“At this point, he’s still a candidate for it even though he’s 15, but he’s not interested in having the surgery right now.”

For now, the focus is on Kyse and helping his brain process all these new sounds, including the sound of a mother’s love.

Doctors say so many more kids could benefit from this. Half of the kids who fail a hearing test in Georgia never have follow-up care, and AU Health wants to change that.

It doesn’t just help that child or that family. It helps the whole community because it could save taxpayers up to $200,000 for each child just in education costs.