Could a bill aimed at teacher student loan debt relief be a boost to young students as well?

Thursday, Jan. 16, 2020
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House Bill 206 allocated an additional $30.5 million to counties in the form of block grants so schools could hire new personnel, train existing staff, invest in programs and contract for outside services.

AUGUSTA, GA (WRDW/WAGT) -- There's a bill Georgia lawmakers are working on right now that could help teachers with their student loan debt.

However, there are several catches. One of them is a requirement that could help several underperforming schools in the area.

There are four “top priority” Georgia schools in the CSRA. All of them are labeled as “title one” schools – also known as low-income schools.

If this bill is passed, this could bring teachers to those turnaround schools.

Josey, Glenn Hills, and Laney High schools along with WS Horsnsby Elementary are the top priority schools in Richmond County.

Arvallae Robinson has taught in Richmond County for 29 years, and she says it's not an easy job.

“You're working in a turnaround school,” Robinson said. “You have to be dedicated. You got to want to be there.”

Dr. Wayne Frazier is on the Richmond County School Board, but was also a principal at Glen Hills High.

What I found as a principal, we had students who were very smart when it comes to academics,” Frazier said. “Their major problems were social and emotional problems which impacted their learning.”

Glenn Hills High has seen a decrease in the number of students in last 3 years. Frazier says if the bill is passed, there will be careful consideration when choosing where qualified teachers need to go.

“That we need to step up in raising our standards for our students,” Frazier said.
Frazier says they will do everything they can to help make sure those teachers are provided an atmosphere to help children succeed.

The funds will be available and eligible for teachers on a first-come, first-served basis until it runs out.

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