Columbia County elementary school honored for STEM education

Monday, April 29, 2019

State Superintendent Richard Woods visited Martinez Elementary Monday.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Georgia's state superintendent paid a quick visit to Columbia County Monday to Honor a couple of schools. Riverside Elementary was honored for being a military flagship school, but he also stopped at Martinez Elementary to shine a spotlight on their work in STEM.

"I want to be an engineer, helping make the process clear," sang a group of kids at the ceremony.

Long gone are the days where kids ran from jobs in engineering, math, and science, and that has these kids singing loud and proud, "engineering process for the win!"

"You're the first STEM-certified elementary school in Columbia County," said State Superintendent Richard Woods.

The school is now officially recognized for pioneering the start of STEM-based learning in Columbia County. STEM stands for an educational emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math.

"Every child that we saw today, the jobs they're going to occupy is somehow going to related to STEM or STEAM education. And so I think getting and putting this in place early on, it provides them a great foundation," said Woods.

The superintendent looked out into a room of students in the program, knowing the future is bright in Columbia County.

"Right now my class is trying to grow flowers," said one kindergarten student.

Kindergarteners are planting a garden. In second grade, kids are experimenting with hydroponics. And in third grade, they're doing something really cool.

"We learned about how all the animals are endangered because of all the plastic," said third-grader Moriah Gaskin.

Moriah told News 12 she goes around the school once a week to recycle.

"When we get to science and social studies everyone's like I'm ready, I want to do more!"

It's an exciting future ahead for these students.