Columbia County Performing Arts Center starting to take shape

Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019
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COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - Construction at the site of the Columbia County Performing Arts Center is well underway. When it's finished, it'll be a $32 million venue.

From the outside looking in, it looks like any other building under construction. But when you look over the walls, you get a better sense of the size.

"You can really see the massiveness of the structure," Scott Johnson, the Columbia County Administrator said. "It's going to really have a large presence in our downtown."

It'll be the largest venue in the county-- a performing arts center in the heart of downtown Evans.

"It is really designed with Broadway plays, first-run Broadway plays in mind," Johnson said. "But it could be for concerts, it could be for other things and we expect it to be used for a lot of things."

Behind the scenes, bulldozers are digging the base with steel beams already rising.

The building itself towers 80 feet over Evans Towne Center. It'll fit 2,100 people in the audience.

"It will also have a multipurpose room the community will be able to do things in the community will be able to access and use and you'll also have a museum," Johnson said.

It's an asset to the community, young and old.

Zuzana Boogna lives in Columbia County.

"As I'm getting older I miss more sophisticated culture, like concerts and opera and ballet," Boogna said. "It's like non-existing here."

Patrick Goodman does too.

"I would be coming, I would be bringing my young children, it would be great for them and for us," Goodman said.

A missing piece in this fast growing county.

Construction started in March. Project developers hope it'll be finished by mid-2020.