Car stolen from gas station with kids inside; kids found unharmed

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
News 12 at 6 o'clock/NBC at 7

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- A car was stolen with two kids inside while the mother was pumping gas. Those kids were found a quarter mile away on the side of the road. Their mother still can't believe this happened.

It is a true nightmare for any mother to leave your kids for one minute and to turn around and their gone.

Luckily those kids were found just down the road off of Lumpkin Park Drive and quickly reunited with their mother.

Meanwhile, the two people who stole the car are still out there. The mother is beating herself up for leaving them alone for a few seconds to pay for gas because it happened that fast.

A good Samaritan found the kids and reunited the family.

"Let’s step out of the box from the fact that the kids were left in the car and let's look at the fact that you don’t touch people's belongings," said Shaena Jones, the stepmother of the kidnapped kids.

What belonged to her could not be replaced, two little kids inside of her car. Their lives are priceless.

"How did we get to a time where it’s okay to take a car with children in it? At the moment that you saw that the car had children in it, that should have been the moment that the mission was aborted," said Jones.

Police say the mission, a robbery, and kidnapping was not aborted. Witnesses saw two men hop into the car at pump 9 then drive off, all while the kids were screaming and crying inside of it.

"They'll live with that for the rest of their life, regardless of counseling, regardless of this, those children are going to live with this moment imprinted in their mind and not just them, me. And not just me the community," said Jones.

But Shaena Jones is thankful for her community. It was a good Samaritan in this area who saw the kids abandoned on the side of the road in the dark all alone just before midnight.

The woman grabbed them and started searching for their parents.

"Me going into prayer and asking God to just do what he does," said Jones.

Just as this mom began to fear the worst, she got to feel the best possible outcome. As she was walking down the road, they were walking up one.

"To hug them in that moment and to even have them, what it meant to them to even be with me," said Jones.

While the kids are back the family's feeling of security is lost, along with it answers.

"I need justice for those children. I need to have a small piece," said Jones.

Police found the car but not the suspects. Information is limited at this time. The RCSO told News 12 that investigators might not be ready to release info to the public because they're exhausting all leads first.