Bobcat attacks golfer after earlier attacking a horse

Still image of a bobcat running
Still image of a bobcat running(WHSV)
Published: Apr. 19, 2019 at 9:20 AM EDT
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Friday, April 19, 2019

SPRAGUE, Conn. (CNN) -- Bobcat attacks are rare, especially in Connecticut, but on Thursday morning that's exactly what happened at a golf club.

"Apparently there was a bobcat attack there. Somebody is injured."

An early morning golf game was brutally interrupted on the seventh hole when a bobcat attacked a golfer in the bunker at the seventh hole.

"We watched the guy hit the ball and then we watched the guy rolling down into a bunker," groundskeeper John Hernandez said.

The golfer's friend helped fight off the bobcat with his club.

"We assumed there were two fighting but from once we got up we were all in a little shock. As what we saw was the cat and the gentleman."

"There was a male was in his late 60s was attacked by a bobcat jumped on his back," said EnCon Police Sergeant Chris Dwyer.

The man suffered scratches on his back and head. Officers tracked down the bobcat, which was euthanized and determined to be rabid.

"It is extremely rare however when we do get a rabid bobcat they are extremely aggressive, extremely violent."

Bobcat attacks have happened only four times in Sgt. Chris Dwyer's 20-year career. He says the game of golf is still safe.

"You are about a thousand times more likely to be attacked by your neighbor's dog that you are wildlife here in Connecticut."

Before attacking the golfer, the same bobcat is believed to have attacked a horse. She now has a mask on her head covering up some pretty serious injuries.

"The horses were running wild. There were turkeys and deer in my paddock which I thought was very weird," said the horse's owner, Loree Osowski.

And then she saw that her horse Bella had been attacked.

"It did tear a lot of skin above her eye."

The horse is vaccinated against rabies, so she is protected against the deadly disease. But she did receive about sixteen stitches.

The golfer only had minor injuries.

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