Augusta neighbors want answers after home video catches mailman throwing package during delivery

Published: Dec. 11, 2016 at 6:49 PM EST
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News 12 News At 6 O'Clock | Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- An Augusta couple is looking for answers after surveillance cameras catch a mailman throwing a package at their door.

They say it's not the first time they've had this kind of trouble, but now they have the incident on tape.

"After I saw it the first time, I couldn't believe he still has a job."

Matthew Sherrill couldn't believe what he was seeing. His home surveillance video catching a mailman, just off camera, tossing a package like a piece of garbage at his Augusta home.

"I've gotten wrong mail before, it happens quite frequently," Sherrill says. "But when I saw them throwing my mail, I was disgusted when I saw it. It's really, really shameful to see something like that."

Sherill says he's gotten several damaged packages before including a cracked $70 makeup mirror that was supposed to be a Christmas gift. After someone tried to break into his wife's car, he decided getting a motion-detecting surveillance system was the best choice.

Just two weeks in, he sees this mailman tossing the replacement gift. He says he's now rethinking what may have happened to the original gift thanks to the tape.

"He shouldn't be throwing anybody's mail," Sherrill says. "I mean, you've got to think there's a lot of people bringing different gifts and some are really fragile and I believe this bag was marked fragile. And he just didn't really care and just threw it anyway."

UPS, FedEx and the United States Postal Service all offer shipping insurance ranging between an extra two and five dollars depending on the package's value.

But Sherill says it shouldn't come down to that.

"Insurance is great but it's for when something accidentally happens," Sherrill says. "Where it accidentally falls off a truck or it slips out of somebody's hands. It shouldn't be for when an employee doesn't care and just throws stuff around."

Thankfully, he says his replacement gift wasn't damaged. He says he would hate to see somebody lose their job over this, but he still wants to see someone be held accountable for what happened.

"If anything, at least the person gets reprimanded," Sherrill says. "You know, somebody speaks to him and at least retrain him or something, you know?"

Sherrill says he reached out to a local and regional manager from the United States Postal Service to find out what happened. They told him they would be looking into the inciden, but he and his wife still plan on filing a complaint with their local Post Office Monday morning.

If you ever plan on filing a similar complaint, be sure to have the tracking or label number for the package, which can be found on the package label, your online label record or the sales receipt.

A proof of value is needed, which can be the sales receipt, a paid invoice or any kind of billing statement. The last thing needed is proof of damage, either by holding onto the damaged item itself or through photos. The USPS says you should keep hold of the item until a claim is settled.

We reached out to local branches of the USPS for a comment, but our calls were not answered.

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