Augusta GreenJackets game raises money for Drew Passmore foundation

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- The Augusta GreenJackets played in honor of Augusta Christian baseball player Drew Passmore on Saturday. Drew died in March after a car accident on William Few Parkway.

The game benefited a new foundation that was created in Drew's honor.

Drew's best friend, Parker Wiley, started Drew Passmore BattleWon Foundation to keep Drew's memory alive and to help other students like Drew would have.

'Battle Won' started as a hashtag the community used in memory of the Augusta Christian baseball player.

Now Battle Won is the name of a foundation in honor of him.

Augusta Christian's athletic director Charles Cooper said Drew continues to have a huge impact on the community.

"Drew was a type of kid that never met a stranger, always had a smile on his face, and he wanted to spread the message of the gospel throughout the community," Cooper said.

Cooper said tonight's Augusta GreenJacket game benefits the Drew Passmore BattleWon Foundation. For every $10 dollar ticket purchased online, $4 dollars goes to the foundation's scholarships.

"There will probably be college scholarships for a larger amounts but then there might be a simple scholarship for maybe $100 just to go on a weekend mission trip or something along those lines," Cooper said.

Cooper said the scholarships vary, from funding education and athletics to mission trips and youth camps. He said Drew wanted to impact every life, he could in any way he could, and these scholarships will do the same.

"This is just a way to honor him by offering kids that might not have the opportunity to go on a mission trip or to do something with the church to give them the opportunity," Cooper said.

It also is gives Drew the chance to fulfill a goal he set for his life earlier this year.

"I had them write a letter to themselves five years in the future, and one of the things that Drew said in his letter that he wrote in January, he said I want to touch people. I want to impact people. I want to spread the message of Christ," Cooper said.

The Augusta GreenJackets also auctioned off an Augusta Pirate jersey during the game, and those proceeds also went to Drew's foundation and scholarship.

Cooper said he doesn't have an exact number of tickets sold for the game, but from the number of people he saw affiliated with the school, he counted over 200 people who purchased tickets online for the foundation.

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Months have gone by without Drew Passmore.

"It's been a crazy 3 months," said ACS Baseball Coach Steve White. "There have been different stages that we have had to go though, whether it be senior night, graduation, our awards night, play-offs. All those different things we had to go through without Drew."

The white paint outlining the number 11 on Augusta Christian's baseball field keeps the name of player who once wore the jersey on the tip of your tongue and the forefront of your memory.

"You know one of the biggest fears when you lose somebody is that people will forget the one that was lost. I don't know if that will ever happen with Drew," said White.

In March, billboards and hashtags grew the circle of people praying for Drew's recovery.

"The word 'we' expanded during this time. It's a bigger 'we' now," said White.

Now it's a different baseball family making sure the memory of number 11 never fades.

"Through this process , Tom, the general manager for the Augusta GreenJackets contacted me and said how can we be a part of things," said White.

They came up with #BattleWon night.

It's happening July 8th, 2017 at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

"It's another opportunity to tell the story of Drew's life. What he lived for and who he lived for," said White.

A full house means more than support to the community backing Drew.

Tickets are $10 and $4 of every ticket will go towards a scholarship in his name.

"Mr. Passmore is going to throw out the first pitch. There's going to be so many things that will point towards Drew and the story and the life he lived and we are so grateful to the GreenJackets and them embracing us," said White.

The GreenJackets will also wear specialty Augusta Pirates Jersey's for throwback night.

GreenJackets players will auction their jersey off and proceeds will benefit the Scholarship Fund.

Bidding starts when the gates open and ends at the end of the 6th inning.

Tickets must be purchased in advance.

Here how to buy a ticket:

1. Follow this link :

2. Use the code : BATTLEWON