Aiken family finds a snake in their toilet

Published: Sep. 19, 2017 at 8:12 AM EDT
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AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- Imagine going to use the restroom and finding an unexpected visitor where you least expect it.

It happened to one local family when they were getting ready for a family dinner on Sunday. Phyllis Britt said it started out more strange than scary.

"We were getting ready to sit down to eat, and my husband went up stairs to use the bathroom. He comes back downstairs to my son in law, and he goes 'Scott, i need your help in the bathroom,' and Scott goes 'oh is the drain clogged?'"

Britt said that was not the case at all. If that wasn't strange enough, two went to get a pair of channel locks to bring upstairs. When Britt's husband and son-in-law came back down, there was a baby corn snake curled up on the big metal pliers.

Britt said the two tried to hide it from the family and put it outside, but it was too late. Britt, her kids and grand-kids ended up seeing what they retrieved from the toilet. During and after their family dinner they only talked about one thing, how did the snake get in the toilet?

"We started to think about how it could happen. Tom went under the the house to check the sewer line to see if there was a breach somewhere where he could have gotten in," Britt said.

She said he didn't find any hole in their pipes that a snake could get through, but she said she didn't feel that much better about the situation.

"I have no idea how it got in, but it's a little scary because I have no idea how he got in," Britt said.

A Senior Wildlife Biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, John Jensen, said most people think snakes would come up from their pipes, but DNR is flushing that rumor.

Jensen said corn snakes are a type of rat snake, which are very good at climbing. He said it is possible that the snake could have climbed in the house if there was a tree, power line, or siding that a snake could easily climb on.

Snakes get thirsty like other animals, and Jensen said it is possible that the snake inside Britt's home probably got thirsty and found the toilet.

The rainy weather brought in my Tropical Storm Irma is not to blame for snakes getting into homes because snakes don't mind water. Jensen said snakes do mind the cold, but that wouldn't be a factor for this scenario since it is still warm outside.

To calm some nerves, the Georgia DNR biologist said in the 22 years in his position, he has only seen a snake in a toilet once and only heard of it a handful of times.