Absentee Voters Information Available Online

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Thursday, November 8, 2018
News 12 at 6 o’clock/NBC 26 at 7

GEORGIA (WRDW/WAGT) -- If you voted absentee in Georgia this election, some of your information is out there for all to see.

And it's all on the secretary of state's website.

More than 16,000 locally have their information out there. Across Georgia, News 12 found nearly 300,000 names, addresses and voter registration numbers of voters who mailed in a ballot.

Whether you voted in person or by mail, voters broke registration records this election.

But right now the focus is on absentee ballots.

In Georgia, that's almost 300,000 people. In the CSRA alone, it’s a little more than 16,000. If you go online to check the status of your absentee, you may find more than what you bargained for.

With just two clicks on the secretary of state's website, News 12 found page after page of voter addresses, names and voter Id’s.

The documents even show who is elderly, disabled, and military stateside or overseas. This exposed information covers voters in every county.

In Richmond County News12 found 6,619 voters. In Columbia County there were 3,691 and in Burke County more than a thousand.

And not just for this election, the personal information goes as far back as 2013.

News 12 dug into how other states handle it.

In South Carolina, you have to log in with your information, including the last four of your social before seeing any of your result. In Florida, they show even more in addition to what Georgia shows. People can see you date of birth, party affiliation, email and even phone numbers.

But the difference from Florida to here is they spell it out on their election site and here in Georgia, there is no disclaimer.

Some voters are concerned by this legal practice and some are not bothered by it at all.