A Warming Fall

Published: Sep. 25, 2019 at 5:31 PM EDT
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While summer may be over it’s definitely not feeling like fall with temperatures in the mid to upper 90’s. The big question everyone is asking is when will the heat come to an end?! Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be dealing with the warm weather as we head into October with the next 8-14 days looking above average for the CSRA.

Not only is the weather staying warmer but days that are feeling warmer than 90 degrees are extending longer into the year. A new report from Climate Central showed that from 1970-2018 the Augusta region has added 17 more days where the heat index was above 90 degrees. McAllen, TX saw the largest increase with 32 days added, followed by Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA. The top 18 cities in this category were all located in the Southeast, according to the report.

An additional study found that the average fall temperature for Augusta has warmed by 1.1 degrees from 1970 - 2018. Now 1.1 degrees may not sound like a lot, like what’s the big difference between 90 and 91 degrees right? But keep in mind 1.1 degrees is the average temperature for fall as a whole, that’s everyday from Sept. 22nd - Dec. 21st , 91 days, averaged into one number. That one number for the season is then compared to the average temperature for fall for the past 40 years. The differential or the difference between each year is then computed to arrive at 1.1 degrees above average.

These added days and hotter temperatures put stress on the local environment as high heat and low precipitation become more of a reality. It can also have a negative affect on your health, so make sure you are staying hydrated especially if you play an outdoor fall sport. Checkout the whole article on Climate Central’s website by clicking

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