A 4-year-old gets a family for Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

AIKEN, SC. (WRDW/WAGT) -- A little girl in South Carolina is spending Christmas with her new family. The family just finalized their adoption and this is their first Christmas since it's been official.

As of this month, South Carolina has about 475 children who are looking for adoptive homes. They need families to step up. This year, the Brooks family is adding one new stocking to their mantle.

"This is mommy and daddy," Sara Brooks said as she pointed to her new adoptive parents.

Sara is just 4-years-old. She's spent most of her life in foster care, jumping around from one family to the next.

"There are so many foster kids in Aiken County that we got licensed," Hank Brooks said. "And when she got the phone call it was hey, congratulations your license has gone through, you guys are officially foster parents and it was like Yes! And they were like, and we have a placement."

This christmas Sara got the biggest gift of all...a family.

"She is 100% worth it and I think every kid deserves a loving home," Kristie Brooks said.

Kristie and Hank brooks knew they wanted to adopt Sara the minute they laid eyes on her.

"I remember the day they dropped her off, looking out the window and thinking ughhh that could be our forever child," Kristie said.

After 880 days an Aiken County judge made this temporary stay into a permanent one.

"It was pure joy to know that she is with us forever and that we have this family unit now and that every Christmas from now on, she will be a Brooks," Kristie said.

But Sara's not just getting a new last name, but an entire village is welcoming this sweet girl into their family. Kristie and Hank say it would not have been possible without the support from their church.

"We had almost 50 people from our church that showed up to the court hearing," Hank said.

"Yes, there's a beautiful picture of them. They all made really cute shirts that said 'We are the Village' and then 'hashtag Brooks Forever,'" Kristie said.

Now with a smile on her face and a thumbs up, Sara has parents to spoil her and to love her forever.

"Oh yeah! Hands down she is our daughter for sure!"

"It doesn't take blood to make a family, it just takes love and we have a lot of that for her."

The Brooks and their church are trying to start a movement to educate more people about foster care and how you can get involved. They was to help more kids find their families in time for the next holiday.

Anyone interested in learning more about adoption can call HeartFelt Calling, 888-828-3555 or visit our website,www.dss.sc.gov/adoption