Deputy Jingles is a sheriff's twist on Elf on the Shelf

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DUNN CO., Wis. (WEAU) -- A sheriff's office put a twist on a Christmas tradition to help educate and entertain community members.

There's a new deputy in town in Dunn County, Wisconsin and deputies said he's been getting into a little trouble during training.

"Not fully following directions and orders as he should, or just getting really excited when he sees Christmas ornaments and candy," said Marie Marty, a secretary with the department.

Deputy Jingles has been training with the Dunn County Sheriff's Office, helping educate community members about what goes on behind the scenes.

"In this day and age in law enforcement, it's able to bring everyone closer together to understand what law enforcement is rather than the negative effects people might see from the outside," said Patrol Deputy Jason McDonald, who had the idea of Deputy Jingles last season.

Deputy Jingles' training is a twist on the popular Christmas tradition: the "Elf on the Shelf." He was a man of few words, or maybe a little camera shy, during his one-on-one interview.

Throughout the month of December, Deputy Jingles spent time with various deputies and departments, learning things like how to process evidence, jail training, and even having his day in court.

"It seems like "Elf on the Shelf" is something kids relate to, and younger generations relate to," McDonald said. "Therefore the "Elf on the Shelf" would bridge the gap between law enforcement, and having that be a conversation piece to develop personal relationships with families and different people in the community."

Thousands of people have been checking the sheriff's office Facebook page to follow Deputy Jingles' training.

"The people I run into out on the street that make comments about it and follow it is just overwhelming," said Field Service Captain Kevin Bygd. "Up to 8,000 people are following the Facebook post."

While Deputy Jingles likes to share what he's learning, he's not as great of a typer as Marty. Marty is the face behind Deputy Jingles' social media presence.

"I want to be able to show them that law enforcement is not just about speeding tickets and traffic stops, its fully encompassing so many different things," she said. "The sheriff's department is trying to work with the community for a better place."

As for Jingles, his time with the department is nearing the end.

"Deputy Jingles, his training will be complete around the 24th," McDonald said. "At that point, he's not supposed to know, he's going to get shipped back to the North Pole based on his shenanigans."

Wednesday's Facebook post indicated that Deputy Jingles rode along with the Dunn County Highway workers.

If you're interested in following Deputy Jingles training, we have a link to the department's Facebook on the right of the page.