Columbia County first in the state to use unique, lifesaving technology

News 12 NBC 26 / March 22, 2017

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA. (WRDW/WAGT) -- The first thing people seem to do in an emergency is freeze. The other is panic, and both could be deadly.

Whether you're a patient or the person next to them, it's stressful going through a medical emergency, but with innovative technology, it can help people without any medical experience get through it.

When every second counts, the last thing you want to do is second guess yourself.

"There's so many fatal things that can happen before an ambulance gets there," said Matt Ort, Account Executive for Mobilize Rescue Systems.

In high stress situations, most often, the question is, "What do I do next?"

"People have a tendency to freeze up in emergency situations," said Dennis Hodges, Columbia County Parks and Recreation Manager.

Anybody really means anybody. It's called Mobilize Rescue Systems, a first aid kit that comes with an iPad. It's almost like a coach that guides you through dozens of medical emergencies.

"It's almost like having a first aid coach right along beside you, walking you through the process," said Hodges.

Once you grab the kit off the wall, you open it up, and the iPad guides you through different situations like an allergic reaction or a heart attack. The app tells you exactly how to respond until paramedics arrive. It's simple, color-coded, and comes with medicine and equipment like a tourniquet.

"The kit has the knowledge and the equipment to help aid somebody in those critical seconds and minutes," explained Ort.

The iPad even records what you did and when you did it, so paramedics know what to do next. Columbia County is the first in the state to use the technology. Four of these kits are scattered in parks throughout the county, two of them at Patriots Park.

"With the iPad and the app that walks you through those emergency situations, that's immediately what stood out to me," said Hodges.

"If you can read and use a touch screen, then you can save a life," said Ort.

Each of the kits costs $2,250. Columbia County plans on getting more to spread throughout the county, specifically at parks that see lots of people on a regular basis.