12 Strong: These young men celebrated their high school graduating by recreating a photo from 8th grade

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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These 12 young men took the time to celebrate their Silver Bluff High School graduation by recreating a photo from 8th grade. (Source: TJ Squirewell)

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WRDW/WAGT) – Twelve young men who have stuck with each other through and through just graduated from Silver Bluff High School.

To mark the big day, they recreated a photo from 8th grade.

Many of the young men are cousins, but all of them have chosen to be friends.

“We see each other before school, we see each other weekends, play basketball, football,” Dameon Green said. “We just been together since we were little.”

Their friendship goes back to elementary school, but it was first captured when they were in middle school at New Ellenton on an 8th grade field trip to Atlanta.

“We was always joking, clowning around, and one of our teachers was like, ‘Let’s take this picture together,’ so we all just took the picture and it was just natural how the picture just came,” Green said.

Four years later, they're high school graduates, re-creating the same photo they took on that middle school field trip.

"It's been long, but it went by pretty quick, if you really think about it,” said Rodney Squirewell.

They say the common goals they share, and their love for sports have kept their friendship strong.

“Sports -- a lot of us play sports, so that just kept us out of doing things that we shouldn't do and stuff,” said Jaden Cook.

Their time in school together may be over, but there’s no doubt they’ll see each other again. They are 12 strong.

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