Kim's Tip: How to Get Involved in Farm to School Programs

Published: Oct. 16, 2017 at 12:59 PM EDT
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As we wrap up our segment on farm to school month, let's talk about the benefits of the farm to school concept.

Farm to school is beneficial to children as it introduces them to produce they might not otherwise be exposed to, so it really sets the stage for more healthful and adventurous eating in the future.

It's not just for the kids. According to Donna Martin, the director of school nutrition in Burke County, the teachers and staff have also enjoyed the fresh local foods, so it's a nutritional win for all.

Farm to school is also great for farmers and also for the local economy.

In addition to farm to school programs, there is growing interest in what is termed farm to institution; where hospitals and other companies are supporting the local food trend.

The simplest way to get involved is to shop the local farmers markets. Another way to get involved is to volunteer in the school systems locally.

There are many ways to volunteer in the school system, from procuring foods to helping with school garden projects or even reading farm/food-related books to children. In fact, some good ones are available through the SC Farm to School lending library or local libraries.

The final way to help support farm to school is to practice it at home. South Carolina has an initiative called "Make Your Plate SC Grown," it encourages both children and adults to take part in celebrating National Farm to School Month.

Join others across the state on October 27 and participate in Make Your Plate SC Grown by trying a new dish or making a favorite using SC produce.

For more details on Make Your Plate SC Grown and farm to school or recipes, check out our EWWK Facebook page:

The purpose of this day is to celebrate South Carolina agriculture and support our local farms. However you choose to participate, share your story by registering online. Don't forget to post a photo of your SC Plate on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #mycertifiedplate.