Kim's Tip: Healthy Cravable Snacks

Published: Nov. 7, 2017 at 6:30 PM EST
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This week, we talked about strategies and healthy snacks that help with the crunchy, salty, and sweet cravings.

Many of us have certain times of the day when we need or crave a snack, so it is important to plan those snacks in to get the most nutrition out of the calories. Junk food-type snacks available in the vending machine do little to maintain fullness or provide nutrients but can add on the calories.

Let’s break it down by craving-start with a sweet craving:

Cocoa dusted nuts + apple (2 food groups/healthy fat + pro + fiber)

Granola cereal + dried fruits and nuts

Kind bar

Pudding with sliced almond

Something Crunchy:

good corn chips + avocado and salsa,

carrots + hummus, or homemade pita chips or crunchy multigrain cracker

beanitos + avocado

Granola + nuts/dried fruit

Something creamy?

Lightly sweetened yogurt + mini chocolate chips + berries

Peanut butter on whole grain + dried cherries


Soup + crackers

Tuna with crackers

Something salty

Edamame + whole grain pretzel/cracker

Black rice and edamame

Popcorn + nuts/seeds

Cucumbers with ricotta + feta

Watermelon + feta

Wasa crackers + cottage cheese and sundried tomato

Sunflower seeds and cheese stick

Seaweed snacks

These are mostly grab and go snacks, but snacks can be anything, even leftovers. The key is multiple food groups, some protein and fiber to help sustain the fullness factor.