Liz Owens

Senior Investigative Journalist
Augusta, GA
Liz Owens

Liz Owens is an Edward R. Murrow and Emmy award-winning investigative journalist. Liz has a track record for holding the powerful accountable, exposing corruption, and uncovering systemic failures. Her reports for the I-Team have led to state and federal investigations, resignations of politicians, and changes in law and policy.

She reported for local TV stations in Winston-Salem, N.C., Dayton, Ohio, and Greenville, S.C., before returning to her home state to join the I-Team.

Liz grew up as the eldest of nine siblings in Newnan, Ga. She was an original "learn from home" student long before virtual school. The former homeschooler went on to study journalism at Georgia State University.

USC Annenberg for Health Journalism named Liz a Fellow in 2021. Her data project exposed inequity in access to public education among local homeless students:

She is a lover of documents, a nerd for data and a devoted practitioner of the field of fair and ethical journalism.

Liz is a two-time Emmy-winner and a recipient of two National Edward R. Murrow Awards. She has been honored with more than a dozen AP, Regional Murrow, and Gabby awards throughout her career.

Her most cherished award is "Best Mommy of the World" given to her by her daughter Willow before Liz became an uncool and embarrassing mother.

She and her husband Scott (the Beard behind the Brains) are adventure addicts and adrenaline junkies.

Liz receives therapy for her condition by escaping to the outdoors whenever she is not on screen or behind a screen. She loves to hike, kayak, run, ride two or four wheels and explore new places with friends and family.

Do you have a story you that you want Liz to investigate? Send her an email at