CSRA organizations ask for Thanksgiving help as costs rise

Published: Nov. 13, 2023 at 4:30 PM EST
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - With inflation and the rising cost of food, some of our local non-profits and organizations are reaching out to the community for some help this holiday season.

At Golden Harvest, they say it’s all hands on deck for them as they gear up for a busy couple of weeks.

“It’s about to be a tough one because of everything that’s been going on,” said Priscilla Elliott with Golden Harvest.

They’re one of many local organizations taking on inflation and rising costs head-on during what they say is a demanding time. Elliott says they’re seeing more and more families coming through their doors at the Master’s Table Soup Kitchen.

“Food costs have gone up, operating costs have gone up. Pretty much everything has gone up across the board. But, what hasn’t gone up is a lot of support that we’ve been getting,” said Elliott.

The prices of goods have had a big impact on how they operate now.

“It used to be $1 equals three meals, but because of inflation and our numbers changing, now we have $2 equal to five meals. It’s been difficult. I’ll say it’s been difficult to just try to make up for the change,” said Elliott.

Across town, the Salvation Army of Augusta’s Center of Hope is working through record numbers.

“We’re dealing with a significantly increased demand. We’re seeing two and a half times the amount of people this past year being fed and sheltered and double the food cost,” said Derek Dugan with the Salvation Army of Augusta.

Dugan says their shelter is changing day by day. The demographic has changed drastically since the start of the pandemic.

“It used to be 90%, 95% men in their middle ages. This shelter right now is sheltering more women and children than it is men,” said Dugan.

That’s why these organizations say they need more support from the community, especially volunteers before the holiday season kicks off.

Over at Goodwill and Edgar’s Grille, they’re preparing for their Thanksgiving rush. They’ve had to work around rising costs with their menu as well.

“If we can curtail our menus to this and help leverage that, that helps, you know, so really just being creative and looking at these things have an increase. So we’ll focus on those and the right menu items around that,” said Christopher Thompson with Edgar’s Grille.

Although the shelves look full, they’re hoping the community can help keep it that way in a time of need.

Elliott said: “Donate as much as you can, however you can.”

People can donate to Golden Harvest on their website. There’s a large button on their page that says “Donate”.

For the Salvation Army of Augusta, you can visit their website which has everything on the main page. You can also learn how to be a volunteer or you can walk into the Kroc Center and say you’d like to help.

At Goodwill, you can order your Thanksgiving to-go at Edgar’s Grille. There are three ways to place your order:

  • Come to Edgar’s Grille and order through the host.
  • Order by phone: 706-854-4700.
  • Go to www.edgarsgrille.com/thanksgiving for the complete menu and digital order form.

The feast is $200 and serves six to nine individuals. Visit their website for the full menu and ways to customize your meal with add-ons and desserts. Orders must be placed by this Friday.